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Livewire offers a directive called wire:poll that, when added to an element, will refresh the component every 2s.

Polling for changes over Ajax is a lightweight, simpler alternative to something like Laravel Echo, Pusher, or any WebSocket strategy.
1<div wire:poll>
2 Current time: {{ now() }}

You can customize the frequency by passing a directive modifier like 750ms. For example:

1<div wire:poll.750ms>
2 Current time: {{ now() }}

You can also specify a specific action to fire on the polling interval by passing a value to wire:poll:

1<div wire:poll="foo">
2 Current time: {{ now() }}

Now, the foo method on the component will be called every 2 seconds.

Livewire reduces polling when the browser tab is in the background so that it doesn't bog down the server with ajax requests unnecessarily. Only about 5% of the expected polling requests are kept.
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