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Making Components

Run the following artisan command to create a new Livewire component:

1php artisan make:livewire search-posts

Two new files were created in your project:

  • app/Http/Livewire/SearchPosts.php
  • resources/views/livewire/search-posts.blade.php

If you wish to create components within folders, you can use dot-notation:

1php artisan make:livewire

Now, the two created files will be in sub-folders:

  • app/Http/Livewire/Post/Search.php
  • resources/views/livewire/post/search.blade.php

Inline Components

If you wish to create Inline components (Component's without .blade.php files), you can add the --inline flag to the command:

1php artisan make:livewire search-posts --inline

Now, only one file will be created:

  • app/Http/Livewire/SearchPosts.php
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