The Livewire Developer

The Livewire developer is primarily concerned with building clean, reliable software.

The Livewire developer is undoubtedly a fan of the Laravel framework. They are drawn to the priority of simplicity, aesthetics, and convention over configuration of the framework. The magic doesn't scare them, it empowers them.

The Livewire developer scours CodePen for pure CSS solutions to common UI problems, and occasionally sprinkles a little vanilla JavaScript to give CSS that extra boost.

The Livewire developer understands toggling content, showing modals/dropdowns doesn't require a full UI framework.

The Livewire developer loves Vue for it's easy on-ramp, and recognizes the power they wield with it in their toolbox.

The Livewire developer is painfully aware of the complexity that comes with front-end frameworks like Vue or React. They do not take the complexity of a full-javascript front-end as a given. Rather, they treat it as a high cost for a certain set of tools for a certain set of needs. They also recognize this "certain set of needs" is often speculation about a future mobile app or chasing after some JavaScript purity ideal.

The Livewire developer is intrigued by tools like TurboLinks, PJax, and Stimulus, but doesn't use them much because they don't smell like something Taylor would build.

The Livewire developer recognizes (and is even drawn into) the beauty and power of the modern JavaScript ecosystem, but the productivity and simplicity of simple server-side tools (like Laravel & Blade) compels them every day.

The Livewire developer is good-looking.

The Livewire developer worships (and fears) the all-powerful, one-eyed Jellyfish.

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