Nesting Components

Livewire supports nesting components. This feature, allows you to compose components from other components, which is an incredibly powerful architectural pattern.

Here is an example of a nested component:

    @livewire('user-profile', $user)
A common misconception is that properties passed into Livewire components are "reactive" (like Vue or React). Because of the way Livewire architects components, this is impossible. The data you pass into a nested component is set initially and not updated if the parent changes. For all component interactions, refer to the Events page.

Keyed Components

Similar to VueJs, if you render a component inside a loop, Livewire has trouble keeping track of changes made to those components. To remedy this, livewire offers a special "key" syntax:

    @foreach ($users as $user)
        @livewire('user-profile', $user, key($user->id))

Note: Livewire doesn't actually call PHP's "key()" function, it just uses "key()" as a signifier in it's blade parser.

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