Sep 20 00:57

Welcome to the new podcast. This episode is a quick intro to the project.


[00:00:00] Caleb: Hey there, friends Caleb Porzio here with a new podcast called building Livewire and my goal with this podcast is to share a little bite-size Snippets of problems that I'm solving just building Livewire and that could be. Deep Tech like coding problems. It could be business problems branding problems writing anything. Anything I'm coming across, I want a platform to talk about because honestly there would just be too many blog posts and that would be too much work so and yeah, so this is just I guess easier for me and I can throw a little tiny bite-size size things at you. So I'm pretty excited about it because Livewire is definitely like produced the most interesting problems of my entire career. And I think it'd be really cool to talk about some of those things. So thanks for tuning in. I'm going to try to keep these episodes under 10 minutes and keep them interesting. I hope you like it.